èAPP Innovation 
Let èAPP scan the technology environment for an agnostic, unbiased look at the leading solutions.
  • Emerging Technology Scouting & Vetting
  • Industry Insight Reporting
  • Enterprise Trendspotting
Innovative Research

Solution Overviews

Solution overviews provide a screening process that helps you understand emerging technologies.

Gain insight from the questions èAPP has directly asked of manufacturers to eliminate non-starters and find the most promising solutions for further engagement. Solution overviews answer questions such as ‘what problem are you solving,’ or ‘how are you different from your competition?’

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Practice Map

Practice maps are visual representations of èAPP’s practices.

These helpful tools describe the core components and use cases of practice, and show how those components best fit together.

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Trend Reports

Trend reports are a broad analysis of a particular technology space, typically spanning multiple use cases.

Connect with èAPP’s Innovation team to learn more.

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Strategic Technology Reports

Analytical strategic technology reports help you contextually understand a particular technology or set of technologies.

These reports examine the history of a particular technology, offer an assessment of the current technology landscape, outline the forces driving change, provide a baseline (expected) forecast of future developments over a short-medium term horizon, and lead discussion of key uncertainties and implications, and conclusions and recommendations.

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Additional Research Content

Innovation Overview

Download the latest Innovation PDF Overview.

Emerging Technology Research Overview

Download the latest Emerging Technology Research PDF Overview.