Asset Maintenance

èAPP Lifecycle Management
Our mission is to transform the way you manage your assets and maintenance contracts to minimize risk and improve ROI. We work with you to extend global install base visibility, streamline processes, and maintain data accuracy, delivering a complete technology lifecycle solution to help you maximize asset utilization while reducing costs. Ensure that you have the right maintenance contract for each device and assembly is critical to your operations and compliance assurance.
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Lifecycle Asset Maintenance


As a value added reseller (VAR), we work with the industry’s best manufacturers to find the right equipment for your organization. We analyze your technology requirements and recommend the most cost-effective solutions.


We perform an audit of your known assets against the manufacturer’s database to establish an inventory baseline that can be updated on an ongoing basis through API feeds and additional audits, improving data integrity.


Our cloud-based platform, LAMP, brings all of your equipment information together in one place and makes it easy to manage through unparalleled visibility, reporting capabilities, and planning tools, driving a more proactive lifecycle process.

Maintenance Contracts Management

Service Level Evaluation

We make sure you receive the level of service paid for and, more importantly, the level of service that’s right for you.

Ongoing Updates

Easily make changes to contracts daily, weekly, or monthly, not just once a year.

Contract Consolidation

Reduce contract complexity by consolidating maintenance coverage into singular contracts.

Discrepency Removal

We identify and remove any coverage gaps, excesses, or other discrepancies in your maintenance coverage.


LAMP aggregates your entire IT infrastructure lifecycle, giving you the tools and information to manage your assets, maintenance contracts, licenses, credits, and more.


LAMP intelligently integrates with your IT systems to fill in the process and data gaps between them. Plus custom integrations.
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