Governance, Risk, & Compliance

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èAPP specializes in helping clients build and mature security programs while maintaining compliance with leading security and privacy frameworks. An effective Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) program should be the cornerstone of any security strategy and enable your business to thrive by improving decision-making, identifying optimal IT investments, reducing overall risk, achieving regulatory compliance, and eliminating redundant processes and tasks. Our experts assess security program capabilities and controls across your people, processes, and technologies to determine current-state maturity and provide actionable guidance to improve the overall program.
Governance, Risk, & Compliance

Identity Data Protection

Achieve industry and regulatory compliance for both security and privacy requirements.

Under new regulations, companies must be more transparent about how consumers' personal data is collected, stored, and used. Coupled with our other IAM focus areas such as Identity Governance and Privileged Access Management, èAPP provides a comprehensive Identity Data Protection program that spans authentication, authorization, access control, and governance to help achieve industry and regulatory compliance for both security and privacy requirements.

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Compliance Assessment

Assess the compliance of your security program capabilities and controls across people, process, and technology.

Whether you need to address compliance requirements like CMMC, PCI-DSS, SOC, or HIPAA, or you want to see where your security program compares to standards like NIST or CIS. We can help you assess and build a compliance program to improve overall maturity with actionable guidance for the future.

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Identity Data Protection

A robust Business Continuity Plan that protects against adverse business impact.

Every business needs a system of prevention and recovery from potential threats or service disruption. Our team of experts will work with you to identify and evaluate your critical business processes and related underlying technologies, as well as the organizational impact that could result from a disruption. Processes are thoroughly screened to understand business criticality, baseline security compliance, and system/process resiliency. The goal is to assist in developing a robust Business Continuity Plan that protects against adverse business impact.

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Data Discovery

Identify the types of data stored across the enterprise so you know how to protect it.

Too many organizations build a data protection strategy without first knowing what data they must protect. Leveraging a combination of interviews and technical discovery, èAPP's consultants can help identify the types of data your organization stores, processes, and transmits, while also mapping that data to specific assets within the environment and developing a logical data flow. This is then used to help evaluate and inform the overall data protection strategy.

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Governance Development

Ensure your business has the appropriate policies to drive actionable security and risk reduction.

Regardless of whether you are trying to meet a compliance requirement or just build a quality security program, security policies set the tone at the top. Without them, organizations fail to meet their compliance objectives, struggle to influence their users, and fail to keep their focus over time. èAPP's GRC team can help you build a quality governance structure comprised of policies, standards, and guidelines that can meet even the most rigorous compliance demands while also helping to set clear priorities for your security program.

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Rapid Security Assessment

Assess the overall strength of your security posture with a rapid assessment and roadmap.

Whether you are required to comply with a standard security framework or are looking to ensure you have a robust security program, our rapid security assessment can help. èAPP uses common frameworks (such as the NIST CSF), coupled with our leading technology and security expertise, to assess your security program. We'll identify the weak points in your environment and provide actionable steps required to reinforce your defenses.

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Vulnerability Management

Build a vulnerability management program to fit today's technology and business landscape.

Build a vulnerability management program to meet the demands of today's technology and business landscape. Take a holistic view of vulnerability management, focusing on a lifecycle approach that involves people, process, and technology. We can help you build a program that allows your organization to discover vulnerabilities, determine if they require action, communicate appropriately to key stakeholders, and effectively mitigate your risks.

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