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√®ŖšAPP data center experts design and build end-to-end infrastructure solutions to support your desired business outcomes. The team identifies the best solutions for your business to achieve greater agility, automation for better control, open standards for cost management, and analytics for improved operations. Whether your data center is on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, we ensure your solutions are secure, flexible, and scalable.
Data Center

Data Protection

Database protection and loss prevention gives us an inside edge on the key indicators of compromise.

Databases are the lifeblood that power applications to successfully operate your business. Our award-winning approach to database protection and loss prevention gives us an inside edge on the key indicators of compromise (IOC). Our proven methodology goes beyond securing protocols and further expands upon different encryption strategies and public key infrastructure (PKI) methodologies like Data in Flight (DIF), Data at Rest (DAR), and Data in Memory (DIM).

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Ensure your data is preserved and produced in a defensible manner.

There's a lot of pressure to accurately and quickly respond to legal matters and regulatory requests under strict deadlines. Our solutions and services are designed to save you time and IT resources, as well as reduce eDiscovery costs by up to 90%. We address the entire eDiscovery lifecycle from legal hold and collections, to analysis, review, and production. Throughout the process, our team performs a health check that includes updates and upgrades, archives of best practices and policies, re-architecture of existing environments, streamline backup and recovery, checks for issues and exposures, and evaluations against your current business needs.

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A detailed analysis of your storage solution can reveal hurdles limiting performance.

In today‚Äôs world, servers and applications require your storage infrastructure to perform at its full potential. Many businesses struggle with lackluster storage that can‚Äôt meet their requirements for speed, capacity, or both. A storage assessment with √®ŖšAPP will provide a detailed analysis of your storage solution and can reveal any hurdles that may be limiting performance. Our experienced engineers will dive deep to review the configurations and performance of your storage architecture, and then recommend best practices for your specific hardware.

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Ensure your private cloud is up to industry best practices with a virtualization health check.

We provide an in-depth evaluation of your Hyper-V or VMware infrastructure, including virtual hosts, local area network, storage area network, and storage devices. We will also recommend best practices and improvements to optimize your private cloud.

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We offer architecture, implementation, migration and automation for DNS, DHCP and IPAM.

DNS, DHCP, and IPAM are the foundation of reliable and secure networks. Whether on-prem or in the cloud, √®ŖšAPP recommends Infoblox as the market leader in the DDI space. We offer architecture, implementation, migration, and automation expertise in all facets of these key technologies.

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