Security Architecture & Engineering

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Building and operating a comprehensive security program is often difficult, especially with the volume of options available. Understanding what is critical for your business and how to address those needs helps your overall security program be more efficient and work better with network and development/engineering needs. èAPP starts with taking an architecture view approach and understanding your specific business needs instead of a generic template. We then apply methodologies like Zero Trust or a DevSecOps mindset to any architectural recommendations and help define and build a program from there. Integrations between products to make the program more efficient and understanding the impact to the rest of the environment are key factors èAPP uses as well.

From SASE Architectures to Zero Trust operations, we tackle some of the more complex infrastructure and cloud security challenges. Topics like endpoint comparisons, data security strategies, cloud or cloud service offering adoption and how to protect assets in the cloud, as we as traditional perimeter / campus / data center infrastructure security are areas we offer expertise in.
Security Architecture & Engineering


èAPP offers innovative, next-generation Security Architecture solutions that can lower your operating costs while improving security and performance.

Cloud and enterprise architecture models combine functions of network and security into an integrated unified platform, connecting and securing users in an agile, scalable, and cost-effective manner. Our engineers will help you design and implement a framework that fits your environment and your budget.

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Endpoint Security

Endpoint security includes a broad range of technologies that work together to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats.

We help clients protect endpoints while detecting and responding to threats and actors that use evasive techniques. Together, Endpoint Protection (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) will extend the security perimeter through Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV), anti-spyware, host Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).

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Email Security

Protecting users from phishing, spam, and malicious emails including data loss prevention, sandboxing, isolation, authentication, and encryption.

We help clients decide what protection mechanisms they need, how they are implemented, what they integrate with, as well as testing and validation the solution after. From DMARC to malware protection to preventing business email compromise, èAPP has both the solutions and the expertise to protect your digital communications.

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Adaptive/SASE Architecture

Security architecture services include the design and implementation of network infrastructure devised to help customers extend and integrate enterprise IT and cloud.

Our engineers will perform a Security Architecture Readiness assessment to identify current and future states for Secure Access Services Edge (SASE), Zero-Trust, SD-WAN, Segmentation, Network, and Micro-Segmentation technologies that adhere to business, compliance, and security goals.

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Data Protection and Data Loss Prevention

Security is really about the data and protecting your data should be the goal of any comprehensive security program

Data discovery, classification, and protection is hard. Finding the right tools to accomplish these goals is often equally difficult. èAPP offers services to help understand where your data is, what the risk to that data is, and what the correct options are to protect that data. From CASB for the cloud, email gateways, endpoint protection, and network protection, we cover the most popular options for data loss prevention in your network.

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Tools Rationalization

Many cybersecurity tools promise more than they deliver and don't integrate well with central systems.

Organizations are searching for an integrated security architecture, one that relies on complementary solutions rather than myriad decentralized point solutions. èAPP will evaluate your tools against industry standards, identify which tools are working, obsolete tools that can be decommissioned, and security gaps within your infrastructure. We'll also develop a customized list of recommendations and next steps to improve your organization's security posture.

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Network Assessments and Wireless Surveys

A network assessment from èAPP can be used to plan and implement new wireless networks and ensure applications receive the level of service needed for the use case.

With our PS, we can identify bottlenecks and other performance issues, find and mitigate interference sources, or troubleshoot wireless network issues.

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