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DevSecOps takes advantage of the new security paradigm, as cloud is driving the rapid adoption of agile practices and DevOps models. èAPP leverages an established framework and proven methodology to help guide clients through their entire transformation journey, helping to shape people and culture, automate and optimize processes, design architecture, and integrate solutions. Our goal is to take our clients from ideation to adoption, and ultimately to scale and drive continuous improvement.
Security DevOps

DevSecOps (DSO) Program Envisioning

Strategic advisory engagement to help you kickstart your DevSecOps journey.

As the most critical phase in the DSO transformation, we ensure that envisioning defines a modern program aligned with your business strategy and integrated with your technology initiatives. We facilitate cross functional discussions among key stakeholders within engineering, operations, and security teams to understand current state and gaps. We then define a shared future state goal of DevSecOps, tying together engineering, security, and operations, with actionable recommendations on a prioritized roadmap to execute and mature the program.

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DevOps/DevSecOps Engineering Services

Hands-on engineering services that turns your DevSecOps program vision into practical reality.

Our cross functional team of DevOps engineers, application security consultants, and cloud security architects can help you build and automate your DSO program, from hardening a CI/CD pipeline with fully integrated security checks to containerizing your applications and automating the deployment through infrastructure as code to your cloud services.

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DevSecOps Tools Market Analysis and Rationalization

Demystify the market hype and tailor use cases to your specific business requirements.

The solutions market for application security and cloud security that are under the DevSecOps umbrella is exploding. Vendor messaging is very broad and does not provide the clarity needed to understand actual capabilities. Emerging vendors are innovating new approaches, while traditional vendors are expanding their portfolio to try to maintain equivalency. Our solution experts help you make the best decision on products in the space, including SAST, DAST, SCA, IAST, RASP, WAAP, CSPM, CWPP, IAC, CIEM, SSPM, and ASPM. From complimentary market analysis workshops to detailed research, analysis, and evaluation services, our engineers partner with èAPP’s own Research and Innovation Team. The combined output helps clarify the market space to provide you detailed insights, decision support and defensible source of truth regarding actual solution strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and suitability to solve your specific use cases and requirements.

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DevSecOps Tools Implementation and Operationalization

Help you accelerate value realization and maximize return on investment through professionally assisted deployment, integration, and optimization.

Tools implementation and adoption in the application security and cloud security space are all about enabling the development teams.  We offer flexible engagement options to assist with deployment, integration, and operationalization of various DevSecOps solutions. Whether it is to lead the full implementation efforts or to enable and augment your existing teams, our flexible engagement models make it easy for you to consume our professional services.

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Application and Cloud Security Remediation Services

Improve your security posture through our hands-on remediation assistance, best practice enablement, and coaching with your engineering teams.

Building an automated deployment pipeline with integrated security testing Is a great foundational step toward DevSecOps that reduces product release cycles. But interpreting, validating, and fixing security defects at scale is what really builds quality and security into the products. Our team of secure developers, application security consultants, and cloud security architects interpret the findings of your application and cloud security tools, validate and prioritize what matters the most, and provide remediation assistance to your product and engineering teams. We do this through hands-on remediation as a service or side-by-side coaching with your engineering teams, empowering them to fix defects themselves and prevent them in the future.

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